Drawing My Circles: Part 3

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post. There’s been a whole lot going on around here, lately! Our church has finished VBS (vacation bible schcool), some of our family came to visit the week before that, and I finished my environmental biology class that same week (which I can prouudly announce that I made a B in, and believe me, that’s a mirale all by itself!). Also, our church’s youth group hosted a conference (pretty cool story about that, coming up!), so there’s been a lot of things happening, and a lot is changing, but hopefully that won’t keep me from posting as often!

As you probably can imagine, I’ve finished the 40 Day Prayer Challenge by now, and can I just say, it was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Not only that, but it was so worth it! So today, I just wanted to share a few more things I learned over the last days of the challenge.

  • Pray specifically

It’s too often that we find ourselves rambling in our prayers and wondering why God won’t answer them. We need to be reminded of this simple truth: God won’t answer vague prayers. When our prayers aren’t specific, God doesn’t get glory from it. Sadly, a lot of times our vague prayers can be the result of our lack of faith. Mark Batterson writes: 

“Your lack of faith will keep you from going out on a limb to lay your true request on the line. The more faith you have, the more specific your prayers are. And the more specific your prayers are, the more glory God recieves.”

The goal for our prayer lives is this: to discern what God wants, and to boldly yet humbly ask Him for it. Whatever promises God has placed in your heart, you need to spell them out. And if you don’t know what they are, get into God’s presence and ask Him! You’ll never know until you do. 

  • When God answers your prayer, share it!

If and when God gives you an answer to your specific, audacious prayer, you need to let it be known. No matter how big or small, you need to turn that answer into a praise! The sad thing is, if we don’t we may end up turning His answers into our pride. If we don’t share what God is doing in our lives, people may very well think that He’s not in our lives at all. Testimonies are such a powerful way to express to others what a powerful, wonderful God we serve. 

They also need to be shared because you never know who needs to hear it. There are people out there who may be experiencing the same things you’ve already been through. Not sharing your testimony robs God of His glory and you of the opportunity to witness to others who are struggling with the exact things that have held you back. 

Testimonies are pretty much like our secret weapons. They’re powerful, and the enemy wants them to remain secret. Sharing them with others will not only seal the victory that we have in Christ’s death and ressurection, it will remind us, and more importantly the enemy, that the war has already been won.

  • When you pray for others, make sure there’s someone praying for you

The devotion for this day was a powerful reminder that your prayers don’t need to always be about yourself. I’ve personally found that I pray for myself and my needs a lot of the time. Not that praying for yourself is a bad thing, but if I’ve learned anything from this challenge, it’s that your prayers don’t always need to focus on you. What you need to do is find specific people to pray for, to help hold you accountable, and just to do life with in general.

We often forget that the act of true intercesory prayer is spiritual warfare. Prayer is HARD. There’s going to be times where we won’t have the faith, ability, strength, or will to pray for ourselves. That’s where we need friends who will step up and contine praying for you when you can’t. 

Now, I know that it can be hard to open up to people sometimes and tell them what you’re dealing with. In fact, I’m still working on that myself. But friends, it is so important to have people who will come beside you to pray and help you when you can’t help yourself. Never do life alone.

  • Don’t worry about numbers when it comes to church

I mentioned earlier that our church hosted a youth conference. The first night before the service started, we were a little discouraged at the number of people that were there, or weren’t there, rather. There was a significant number that attended last year that didn’t show up this year. So we had our service, and by the end of the night, 40 kids raised their hands to recive Jesus as their savior. 

We sat there in amazement, thinking, “Why in the world were we so worried about the numbers again?” It doesn’t matter how many show up and fill the seats, it matters that God shows up. And He most certainly did! 

It truly is amazing, because when you think about it, God almost always used a small remnant of people to work His wonders. All it takes is a faithful few to rise up and pray for revival and start a reformation.

Well you guys, that’s the end of Drawing My Circles! I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned from these blogs as I’ve posted them, and I pray that you will continue to circle God’s promises and that you will be encouraged to grow your faith in Him. 

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” — Galatians 6:9

Until next time,


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